Packing your Computer

If you do not have the original packaging please make sure that you choose a box and packaging that will get your computer to us safely. A few recommendations
1.Use a corrugated cardboard box.
2. Use a box is at least 5 cm bigger on all four sides of the notebook, and 10cm for a desktop.
3. Make sure that the height of the box is 10-15cm taller than the height of the notebook, and 20cm of a desktop.
4. Even if you have the original box we do recommend placing that box inside a bigger box.
5. Never use newspaper as packaging material.
6. Whenever possible, wrap your computer in at least 8 cm of thick bubble wrap.
7. If bubble wrap is not available, use packaging peanuts.
8. Make sure that any accessories are also properly packaged to avoid contact with your computer.
9. Attempt to place your computer right in the middle of the box and covered well on all sides.
10. For larger boxes trying use a box with a handle, or make one out of rope or duct tape. This makes it easier for the couriers and encourages them to carry the box the right way up. Just ensure that it’s strong enough to hold the weight of the box.
11.For Apple Mac Pros please ensure that the handles are not carrying the weight of the unit from the bottom, and provide similar protection at the top also as they are easily bent out of shape.

Packaging Apple iMacs

For iMacs please ensure the weight is being held up by main part of the iMac using padding such as bubble wrap and not the stand which can break or bend. Please also ensure there is a heavy layer of protection in front of the screen itself to stop the glass breaking or falling out
These are recommendations that we use when shipping items, however it is not a guarantee that they will arrive here safely. The more bubble wrap you use and the better quality box you use the more likely it arrives here safely.